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My Vision...

Dear Carolina Beach, 

My vision for Carolina Beach is to protect and maintain the character and rich history of our town.  We will uphold our small-town values as a great place to live, work and raise a family while continuing to be a year-round family vacation destination.  We do this by nurturing a vibrant economy, an exceptional quality of life and a strong sense of community pride.

How do we accomplish this…

  • We continue to build on the 2023 20 Year Infrastructure Plan. 

  • We continue to attract businesses that cater to families and activities by working with our partners at the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce and the Business & Economic Development Committee.

  • Develop and maintain Ongoing Maintenance Plans for our capital improvements.

  • By Residents & Business working together.

  • Open Communication between staff, elected officials, residents, and business owners.

Carolina Beach deserves strong, confident, accessible, and thoughtful leadership…I am that leader.

I humbly ask for your vote of November 7th to continue to be your voice, your representative, your councilwoman.


Deb is...

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307 Charlotte Avenue
Carolina Beach, NC 28428


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