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Why Vote for Deb LeCompte


Dear Carolina Beach,

I have served the Town of Carolina Beach and our residents and businesses for a number of years, holding a variety of roles and titles throughout my 20 years of residency. The first thing my friends and family will tell you is that I know who I have been working for all along.  I work for you, the residents and you, the business owners of Carolina Beach. We must work together, hand-in-hand to keep Carolina Beach a great place to live, work and raise a family for generations to come.  I am committed to dealing with the changes and challenges Carolina Beach faces now and in the future.   


I set the standards high for myself and will continue to set them high for Town Council and Town Staff should I be fortunate enough to earn your vote on Tuesday, November 7th, 2023.  I will continue to work on our most crucial issues. We must balance the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors with Public Safety and Quality of Life as the mission of Town Council. 


The residents of Carolina Beach deserve strong, confident and thoughtful leadership...I am that leader.


The Last 2 Years...

  • No Tax Increase

  • Established 20 Year Infrastructure Plan

  • Ongoing Implementation of ADA Compliance Study

  • Lake Dredge Underway (Winter 2023)*

  • Marina Underway (Spring 2024)*

  • Paving Project

    • 3.5 Miles of Town Streets

    • Carolina Beach Avenue North

  • Mike Chappell Park Restrooms Completed

  • Fund Balance at 40% (up from 21% in 2020)

  • $12 Million in Grant Revenue

  • Land Acquisitions

    • Freeman Park

      • $4M Land Acquisition Grant

    • Lake Park Boulevard Property

      • 3+ Acres

      • Contiguous with Town Hall Property

    • Canal Drive/Parking Lot at Freeman Park Entrance (Pending)

      • 60% Funding from CAMA

  • Florida Avenue Stormwater Project

  • Takeover management of Oceana Stormwater System

  • Starfish Street End Project (Harborside)

  • Hamlet Restroom/Ocean Rescue Completed

  • Hamlet Avenue/Lake Park Boulevard Stop Light

  • Golf Cart Spaces at Havana’s (Safety requests from Fire & Police Departments)


  • Mooring Field Expansion (Spring 2024)*

  • CB Lake Playground (Fall 2023)*

  • Ocean Boulevard Sidewalk (Fall 2023)*

  • Skate Park Expansion (2024)*

  • Unified Development Code (Ordinance update 2024)*

  • Build-out of Proximity Project to include additional:

    • Property Tax

    • Sales & Use Tax

    • ABC Tax

    • Retail & Dining Options

    • Community Access to Swimming Pool & Workout Facility

  • St. Joseph Multi-Use Path (Planning)

  • New Boardwalk Restrooms (Winter 2024/25)*

  • Water/Sewer Expansion (Planning)

  • Spartanburg Crosswalk (Planning)

  • More Paving in 2023/24

Consistency Leads to Continuity!!

* (Estimated Completion Date)

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