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Historic Preservation & Town Identity

Because we live here, we know about our history.  Wouldn't it be great if everyone knew our story because of how  we showcase it to the world?  Focusing on what our identity is and how we want it to be portrayed is important. Join me in sharpening those edges and putting  forth a tremendous image to our Visitors.  This is something that can be fun, educational and a real benefit to our Island.

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Town Projects

Constantly improving how projects  align with the Public's Needs demonstrates we are working on the right things.  It is important that the Town does a better job  Delivering Projects to their successful conclusion On-Time & Under Budget.

August 1, 2023

When we Work as a Team our community achieves great things.  Let my Proven Track Record over the past two years

as your councilwoman and my working relationships with prior Mayors, Town Council Members  and Town Staff to

Get Results on key town initiatives help lead the way forward.  


As your Councilwoman, I have continued to cultivate and maintain close relationships with our residents and businesses to make effective and productive decisions.  

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Clean Water, Storm Water Mitigation and New Sewer Capacity are important issues that our Coastal Town regularly faces.   Our Streets are what make our town Go... We have to come up with a prioritized plan to quickly repair streets that are not safe.   More than ever, with proposed growth initiatives from new businesses and residents we need to succeed at this challenge and deliver results.


Natural Resource Mgmt &
Economic Impact

Whether it is Beach Renourishment,  Carolina Beach Inlet, Tree & Forestation Management or Litter, we all have a stake in getting this right. Lets put the programs in place that keep Carolina Beach the Most Inviting Destination it can be and the Best Place to Raise a Family for Generations to come.

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