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Carolina Beach Parking 1.heic

Parking affects Residents, Businesses and Visitors.


It can affect how we present ourselves to the Public, it can influence  how it makes us feel and is even an indicator of how Busy or Quiet the town is.  

There are at least two schools of thought on this subject. 

  • One is that more parking is needed potentially for businesses and workers.

  • The other is that there is enough parking and to add more would increase congestion.

My Thoughts on Parking

I will work with the Mayor, Town Council and  Town Staff to form a Limited Duration Exploratory Committee to Identify a Solution to Parking that will  be in Harmony with what Carolina Beach wants for its Identity.  

More involvement and input from the residents and business owners is needed on this issue as well as all the issues we face.  This means a viable and active dialogue.  Stakeholders need to voice their concerns early.  An engaged community means participating in workshops and public hearings..  Our elected officials and staff have first hand knowledge of any given issue and this information is readily available.  

I welcome your input and ideas on this subject so that I may effectively represent you. 

Contact me at and leave your contact information so I can discuss the subject with you.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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