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Town Project Management

We need Town Council to constantly improve how they align with the Public's Needs.

It is important the the Town does a better job  Delivering Projects to successful conclusion On-Time & Under Budget.

My Thoughts On Town Project Management

Town Council and Mayor all must seek to first, listen to the people, and then, deliver on their commitments.

I can bring my experience and commitment to bear in order to always work with town council to actively work on those things that the Residents and Businesses of Carolina Beach say are important and resist working on things that don't deliver high value.

Once those priorities are confirmed through the public forum, then it is all about managing the projects so they are delivered the way they need to be... On time, fully communicated and under budget.

I Welcome your input and ideas on this subject so that I may effectively represent you. 

Contact me at and leave your contact information so I can discuss the subject with you.  

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