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Historic Preservation & Town Identity

Because we live here, we know a lot about the History of this Area. 


Wouldn't it be great if everybody knew our story because of the way we showcased it to our visitors?

Town Identity is what will always make us special. 

Focusing in on What our Identity is and how we want to be seen is important. 


I know we can sharpen those edges and put out a tremendous image to our Visitors.  Join me in that journey. 

This is one thing that can be fun, educational and a real benefit to our Island.

My Thoughts On Historic Preservation & Town Identity

Working on Historic Preservation and our Towns' Identity can be fun and inclusive and not necessarily expensive...


But it does take commitment. Our Federal Point History Center is a great place to begin and our life long residents are a treasure of island history.  This journey will take input and participation from our residents.  Whether it's historic sites, our parks, our pedestrian trails, our marina or our boardwalk, we all have a stake in preserving them because they benefit us all. 


You can count on me to encourage this activity and include everyone in the process from valued Town Staff, Elected Officials, Committee Members and Citizens.

I welcome your input and ideas on this subject so that I may effectively represent you. 

Contact me at and leave your contact information so I can discuss the subject with you.  

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