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Carolina Beach Inlet

The Carolina Beach Inlet is a resource for our Commercial Fishermen, Sportsman Fishermen and Watercraft Enthusiasts. 


It distinguishes Carolina Beach with a safe and useful access to the Carolina Beach Harbor, Snows Cut, Carolina Beach State Park Boat Launches and the Cape Fear River. 

My Thoughts on Carolina Beach Inlet

July 4, 2021


The ability to use the Carolina Beach Inlet is indeed a blessing. 

Keeping it safe and passable is vital.   Several Challenges and Potential Opportunities exist that are partially described below from the "Carolina Beach Inlet Association's Website" ...

Carolina Beach Inlet Association GOALS

  1. Short Term

    Secure funding at the state level so the USACE can maintain the shallow draft inlets. In years past the budget for the USACE was 1 million dollars an inlet for a total of 5 million dollars a year. We are the only state in the US that allows side cast dredging. Rodger Bulluck from the USACE told us we could keep the dredge Merritt in operation for 3.5 million a year. This buys us time so we can find a solid long-term solution for all of our shallow draft inlets.

  2. Mid Term

    Secure the Dredge Fry from the USACE and put it into the NC Ferry System. The USACE has decommissioned the Dredge Fry and can donate/sell it to another government agency. According to sources in the USACE the dredge is still intact. The dredge needs minimal work and funds ($500,000 to $750,000), before it could be brought back into operation. The Ferry Service already has the shipyard that does all the work for the USACE. According to sources within the USACE the state could operate the Dredge Fry at half of the cost.

As a Member of the Carolina Beach Inlet Association since 2019, I believe it is very important that the future Town Council and the Mayor are 100% united in communicating that the Goals of the Carolina Beach Inlet Association are OUR COMMON GOALS as well.  Whether it's standing 'shoulder to shoulder' with the Association when they interact with USACE, or working through our State and Federal Representatives to advocate for this, we must be Energized, Vigilant and Effective at obtaining and maintaining this type of funding to keep our Inlets Open and Healthy. 

I welcome your input and ideas on this subject so that I may effectively represent you. 

Contact me at and leave your contact information so I can discuss the subject with you.  

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