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Beach Renourishment

A Stable and Inviting Beach is vital to our Economy and Storm Mitigation.   Renourishment of the Beach and Dune Growth Management are the first line of defense against storm surges.


The beach is what attracts our Visitors and is what drew most residents here. 


It is crucial that we maintain open communication with the Army Corps of Engineers, County, State and Federal Partners.  

My Thoughts On Beach Renourishment...

July 4, 2021

A proactive strategy to ensure funds are available when we depend on them is crucial for tourism and beach stability.  It is critical that all council members have a complete understanding of the intricacy of our beach renourishment program.  

We have to perform more frequent check-points with the Army Corps of Engineers  in order to always know ahead of time if there is going to be an issue with securing the needed funds and performing the beach nourishment in the necessary time frame to keep our beaches inviting and stable.


I welcome your input and ideas on this subject so that I may effectively represent you. 

Contact me at and leave your contact information so I can discuss the subject with you.  

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