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Water & Sewer

July 4, 2021

Our water and sewer infrastructure must be our number one priority. 

Our quality of life for the next 50+ years depends how well we execute on the Planning, Maintenance and Repair of our Critical Infrastructure.  

My Thoughts on Water & Sewer Infrastructure

July 4, 2021

It has been my stance years before the 5 Year Infrastructure Project that our Water and Sewer are our most critical issues.

After speaking with many Carolina Beach Residents and Business Owners these four initiative are the priority:

  • Complete Phases C, D & E the 5-year Infrastructure Project.  

  • Complete our plans for a new well and water storage.  

  • Complete the Lake Dredge project. 

  • Complete the North End Water & Sewer Project

Of course, all of these identified projects will require funding and detailed planning. 

How effective we are at Applying for State, Federal and Private Grants and Lobbying our State & Federal Representatives to uncover every possible funding stream and program available will determine how we accomplish our Goals.  

I welcome your input and ideas on this subject so that I may effectively represent you. 

Contact me at and leave your contact information so I can discuss the subject with you.  

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